How to Divorce Marriage Proposals Sri Lanka

Divorce marriage proposals in Sri Lanka is a vast and complex legal matter that can’t be discussed simply.

You’ve probably heard that marriage proposals in Sri Lanka are a big deal. And it’s true: they can be very elaborate, often involving family and friends.
But what if it’s not the right decision? What if you’ve changed your mind? Divorcing a marriage proposal or any other marriage can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. In this post, we’ll show you how to do it.

Divorce Marriage Proposals Sri Lanka

How to Divorce Marriage Proposals Sri Lanka

So, you’ve just had a marriage proposal in Sri Lanka. This is a momentous occasion, and you’re probably feeling a range of emotions, from elation to terror.
Now, before you say yes (or no), it’s important to understand your rights and how the divorce process works in Sri Lanka. Here’s a primer on how to divorce a marriage proposal in Sri Lanka.
1. Get legal help. You have to have legal representation during this process, so make sure to find a good lawyer in Sr Lanka who can guide you through the process.
2. Understand the grounds for divorce. In Sri Lanka, there are three grounds for divorce:
Adultery subsequent to marriage,
Malicious desertion,
Incurable impotency at the time of such marriage.
3. File for divorce. Once you have decided to divorce your partner, you will need to file for divorce at the district court in your or your spouse’s area.
4. Serve your partner with summons and plaint with pertaining documents: Once the court has accepted your plaint, you will need to serve your partner with summons and plaint with pertaining documents, which will include the grounds for divorce and the particulars of the case.
5. Attend court hearings. Once the case is filed, you will need to attend court hearings until the case is resolved.

The Sri Lankan Divorce Process

Here’s how the Sri Lankan divorce process works.
You need to file for a divorce at the district court. You’ll need to provide evidence that your marriage is not working because of the above-mentioned grounds.
One of the most important requirements may be that you and your spouse should be living separately before you file for a divorce. This is to show that you’ve tried to save your marriage but have failed.
If you have children, the court will also consider their welfare during the divorce proceedings. The judge will make a decision based on what’s best for the children, which could mean they stay with one parent or live with both parents.
Once all of this is sorted out, the final decree will be issued, and you’re free to go your separate ways.

Divorce Marriage Proposals

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka, there are three grounds for divorce:

Adultery subsequent to marriage

According to the Court of Appeal decision in Pushpa Kumara Vs Marmet and Another 244 Sri Lanka Law Reports [2003] 2 S. L. R., “As an essential ingredient of adultery is that it involves sexual intercourse with a person out of wedlock.” However, adultery is not an offence in Sri Lanka,

Malicious desertion

Malicious desertion is divided into two categories, i.e., direct and constructive.
Direct malicious desertion is when a deserting spouse leaves the matrimonial home.
Constructive malicious desertion is when the innocent spouse is compelled to leave the home permanently as a result of the other spouse’s faults.

Incurable impotency at the time of such marriage.

Incurable impotency at the time of such marriage is a ground for divorce when one spouse suffering from incurable impotency and even after the marriage such spouse is unable to have successful sexual intercourse with the other spouse.

Divorce Marriage

How Does Divorce Affect Children in Sri Lanka?

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, you need to be prepared for the potential impact it could have on your children. It’s not going to be easy for them, no matter what age they are.
In Sri Lanka, the law is pretty clear when it comes to child custody and access rights. The courts will always rule in favor of the children, and the parents will have to come to an agreement about access rights.
If you and your spouse can’t agree on custody, the courts will appoint a guardian to look after the child’s best interests. And if one of the parents doesn’t want custody, the court can order that child to live with the other parent.

What Are the Consequences of Divorce in Sri Lanka?

So you’re thinking of divorcing your spouse? Well, you need to be aware of the consequences that come with it. The law is pretty clear on this: if you’re seeking a divorce, you automatically forfeit your right to any property that’s jointly owned by you and your spouse.
And it doesn’t stop there. If you have children, they automatically become the legal responsibility of the parent who doesn’t have custody. This means that the other parent can’t just up and leave the country with them-the courts will make sure that they stay in Sri Lanka.

Divorce Marriage Proposals Sri Lanka


If you’re considering a divorce in Sri Lanka, it’s important to be aware of the laws that apply to your case. This article provides an overview of the process, from filing for divorce to finalizing the process.
If you have any additional questions, it’s best to speak with a lawyer who can advise you on the specificities of your case.

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