Law Entrance Exam

Law entrance exam is the exam that is conducted by the Law College in Sri Lanka to select students for the Law College. The college normally holds the law entrance exam in August or September every year.

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Law Entrance Exam Application

Applicants can obtain The Brochure and Application Form from the College or by post during the time period mentioned in the Press advertising. Students have to send duly completed applications to the law college by post on or before the closing date. The Sri Lanka Law College does not conduct any lectures to prepare students for the Entrance Exam. So Students should study law entrance exam past papers to understand the structure of the exam.

Syllabus for the law entrance exam

The exam consists of two papers. (a) Language Paper – Sinhala Language or Tamil Language or English Language. and (b) General Knowledge and General Intelligence.
Applicants have the option of answering the General Knowledge and General Intelligence paper in Sinhala, Tamil, or English. He must sit for the English Language paper if he chooses to answer the General Knowledge and General Intelligence paper in either Sinhala or Tamil. If he chooses to answer the General Knowledge and General Intelligence paper in English, he must sit for either the Sinhala Language or the Tamil Language paper.


The syllabus for the language paper shall comprise an essay, with the main objective being to test the applicant’s power of thought, expression, and arrangement.
precise writing and rephrasing.
Syntax, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, as well as figurative and idiomatic expressions, are all examined.

Basic Qualifications for the Exam

Candidates must have passed in three subjects at one and the same sitting at the Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education (A/L) Examination under the new scheme. (i.e., the August 2000 examination and subsequent examinations). An individual who took the above exam under the old scheme, on the other hand, should have passed all four subjects in one sitting.
Credit passes in both English and Sinhala/Tamil at the G.C.E.(O/L) or N.C.G.E. examinations.

How To Pass The Entrance Exam.

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