Law of Sri Lanka

Law (of Sri Lanka) is a set of rules that the country or community recognizes as governing its members’ actions and that they can enforce through the imposition of penalties. 

All in a community are bound by the law and no one can opt-out of it. Anyone who commits an offence under the law can be dealt with in terms of the law. In other words, the law is enforceable against anyone who breaks it. It has a unique place in human society, and it affects everyone equally, whether they want to be governed or not. Why does the law have a special power? Because it comes into being in special ways. The most important reason is that it is passed by parliament, which is said to be the representation of the people. The parliamentarians are selected by the people, so they are bound by the law that is passed by them.

An Introduction to The Legal System of Sri Lanka

People in society must be governed by the law, not by the whims and fancies of some selected people or rulers. Why is this factor so important? If the rulers govern the people, they may treat one person in a certain way and another equally placed person differently. This is the most important facet of the law. The law is made by people, but, once it is made, people are ruled by the law, not by the lawmakers who were behind it. The most important feature of the law is that it will govern all those who come within its ambit. Consequently, no one can depart from the law and ill-treat a particular individual.

Why Do We Need Lawyers?

The answer lies hidden in the profession itself. Lawyers study the laws of the country in order to assist you in obtaining justice if you are unfairly sued. Lawyers are paid to assist you in avoiding legal issues. They identify minor issues that affect people’s emotional, physical, or financial well-being and offer to assist by seeking justice in the courts. So you want to be a lawyer, right?

Legal Advice and Law of Sri Lanka

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