LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka

How to Prepare for the LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka 2022

The LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka is one of the most competitive exams in the professional educational field. And it is a way of entering the Law College to be a lawyer.

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LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka

All the Information on LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka 2022

The Department of Legal Studies of the Open University of Sri Lanka conducts the LLB Entrance Exam and the LLB degree programme.

The number of placements or seats available in each Regional Centre

The number of placements/seats available in each regional center and the medium of teaching at each center are given above.

Allocated Seats
Sinhala Medium
English Medium
Tamil Medium

Educational and Professional Qualifications for LLB Entrance Exam 2022

A person above or at the age of 18 who has acquired any of the following educational and professional qualifications is eligible to apply for this programme.
i. You must Have three (03) passes from any three subjects at one and the same sitting at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination in Sri Lanka in any stream, or
ii. You must Have four (04) passes at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination (under the old syllabus, which has four (04) subjects), of which at least three (03) passes should have obtained at one and the same sitting in
any stream, or
iii. If you Have thirty (30) course credits at SLQF level 2 or above from any Programme that the Open University of Sri Lanka offers, or
iv. Attorneys-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka may seek direct entry into Level 4 of the programme. So, they do not need to do the selection test and Level 3 of the programme. But they must register for the academic year 2022 along with the other students. However, Attorneys should wait until the 2023 academic year to start their studies,
v. If you have an equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate.

Applying for The Exam in 2022 and The Date of the Selection Test.

Selection to the programme is on the basis of performance at the competitive Selection Test. The open university will hold the selection test on 08th January 2023.
Applications for the selection test for the above study program will be available from 10th November 2022 to 10th December 2022.
Selection Test admissions are available to download from 12th December 2022 to 8th January 2023. IT Help Desk will send a link to download via both SMS and email to all applicants who have made the payment.
The applications will be available online only, and the applicants shall be solely responsible for the filling out and submission of the online application. Under no circumstances will the university accept paper applications.
Candidates must clearly indicate in the application the Regional Centre in which they wish to follow the academic activities.

How to Select the Regional Centre to Follow the Study 2022

Under any circumstances, students will not have permission to change the regional center that they select after enrollment or during the programme.
i. Candidates must select the Regional Centre located closest to her or his permanent residency.
ii. At the time of registration, candidates must submit a copy of the Electoral Register to prove their permanent residency status.
iii. The submission of copies of the Electoral Register is a compulsory
iv. Candidates must sit the selection test at the particular regional center to follow the study programme.
Before filling in the application please download and read the brochure which is available at ou.ac.lk
The Open University reserves all rights not to enroll any candidate called for registration if it is found that the information provided by the candidate in the application, or the certificates referred to in paragraph 5 above are false or incorrect.

How to Get More information

For further information please contact the Public Information Office on Tel: 011-2881327/ 256, Department of Legal Studies Tel: 0112 881 432 / 0716 368 241
Application fee Rs 5000/=
Apply online by visiting the web page: hps://reginfo.ou.ac.lk/apply online/
Submission of Online Application from: 10.11.2022
Closing date of Applicaon:10.12.2022
What are The Scholarships That Students Can Get?
Available Scholarships are

  • Mahapola Scholarship
  • University Bursary
  • Enhancement Bursary
  • Enrolment Bursary

For more information, please contact the Student Affairs and Welfare Division at 0112881374.

LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka

So, you’ve decided to pursue a career in law? Congratulations! In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about taking the LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka, from the requirements to how to prepare.
We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you in the courtroom one day!

What Is the LLB Entrance Exam?

So you want to be a lawyer? In order to pursue a career in law, you’ll need to pass the LLB Entrance Exam or Law College Entrance Exam.
This is a pretty tough exam, but with enough preparation, you can definitely pass it. The exam will test your knowledge of IQ, as well as your language skills.
You’ll need to be familiar with a wide range of topics, so it’s important to start studying early. There are a lot of great preparatory materials available online, so don’t hesitate to use them. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers or peers. You can contact us any time. Good luck!

What Are the Requirements for the LLB Entrance Exam?

In order to qualify for the LLB entrance exam in Sri Lanka, you must meet certain requirements.
You must be a citizen of Sri Lanka and have passed 3 subjects in the GCE A/L qualification or its equivalent.
If you meet all these requirements, you are eligible to sit for the LLB entrance exam. The exam is held once a year, and it covers a range of subjects, including IQ and language skills. The language skills paper consists of two parts. If you are a Sinhala medium student, you have to write Sinhala language questions and English language questions. If you are Tamil, you can select Tamil Language question paper instead of Sinhala. This exam is very similar to the Law Entrance Exam.

the Requirements for the LLB Entrance Exam?

When Is the LLB Entrance Exam Held?

So when is the LLB entrance exam held, you ask? It’s generally held in May, but the specific months and dates vary from year to year, so it’s best to check with the Department of Examinations and open university websites.
The exam is three hours long and consists of multiple-choice questions. It’s important to go over past papers and practice as many questions as possible so that you’re familiar with the style of the test.

How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam?

The LLB entrance exam is no joke, so you’re going to need to prepare if you want to have a chance of getting in. Here are a few tips to help you get started:
First, make sure you know what the exam is going to cover. The best way to do this is to get a copy of the syllabus and start studying it.
Second, download the notes and papers then. practice, practice, practice. The more mock exams you do, the better prepared you’ll be.
Third, get yourself a good study guide. There are plenty of excellent guides out there, but make sure you choose one that’s tailored to the LLB entrance exam in Sri Lanka.
Finally, take care of yourself. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and eating properly. The last thing you want is for fatigue or sickness to hamper your performance on the day of the exam.

IQ Questions and Answers Video in Sinhala for LLB Entrance Exam

How to Apply for the LLB Entrance Exam?

Applying for the LLB Entrance Exam can seem daunting, but with the right preparation, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge. Here are the steps you need to take:
2. Check the eligibility requirements. Make sure you meet all of the criteria before applying.
3. Download and fill out the application form. You can find it on the Sri Lanka open university website.
4. Submit your application and fee. Your application will not be processed until payment is received.
5. Wait for your results. The LLB Entrance Exam results will be released in a few months.

LLB Degree in Sri Lanka

So you want to be a lawyer. Great choice! In order to become a lawyer in Sri Lanka, you’ll need to complete a four-year LLB degree at a recognized university if you don’t choose law entrance exam . The open university is one of the places where you can complete your LLB degree.
But before you can even start studying for the LLB degree at an open university, you’ll need to pass the LLB entrance exam. This test is designed to assess your IQ knowledge and language skills. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you prepare for the exam.
In order to pass the LLB entrance exam, you’ll need to know about Sri Lankan law and the legal system, as well as current events and international law. You’ll also need to be able to write essays and short answers in Sinhala. But don’t worry, we’ll help you study all of these topics.
So what are you waiting for? Start preparing for the LLB entrance exam today!

Where Can I Find More Information About LLB Entrance Exam?

If you want to learn more about the LLB admission exam in Sri Lanka, you should visit the Sri Lanka Open University website. They have all of the information you need concerning the test, such as eligibility requirements and the application process.
You can also obtain past years’ question papers and answer keys from their website to get an idea of what to expect on test day. If you’re feeling very ambitious, you can even enroll in one of their preparation courses.


You have decided to do your LLB through the Open University in Sri Lanka. This is a great decision—the Open University offers a high-quality, internationally-recognized law degree.
But before you can enroll in the program, you have to pass the LLB Entrance Exam. This exam is rigorous, and it is important to prepare well for it.
In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the LLB Entrance Exam in Sri Lanka. We will discuss the exam requirements, and we will provide tips on how to study for it.
Good luck—we know you will pass!